Sell with Us


Whether you’re experienced or new to the game, all it takes for someone to open their own shop is talent and a dream. Discover the advantage of shared resources, costs, and success in this reimagined co-retailing space.

Urban Cabana is a lifestyle showroom, offering a luxury agenda for our customer's lives and homes. Our core service is brokering the private sales of art, home decor and accessories. Our showroom sells jewelry, art, home decor and accessories and hosts private events.

Our services.

• We run the cash register so you can sell items without being present.

• We provide a customized ID on barcode labels which credits your account for every item sold.

• We collect and pay your sales tax so you don’t have to.

• We pay all the store bills like water, electric, property taxes, insurance, etc.

• We hire and train the cashiers and staff.

• We promote and advertise your brand along side our showroom promos. 

 • We create special events to drive traffic to the store.

• We pay weekly, and are honored to provide an opportunity for brand owners to follow their dreams with less risk and less stress on Glenwood South. 

Making your space your own makes a huge difference! We’ve seen historically that shops with additional structure and lighting have additional success! We encourage you to get creative with your shop’s design!


Space Offerings.

Space rents are based on the shelf size and the placement in the showroom



Rent is due on the first, and no later than the 3rd of each month. We do not take payments our of your earnings. You receive all of your money as understood and we expect payment, as agreed upon. 


What you're paying for.

Inclusion in our community; inclusion in Glenwood South community news; shelf space in our showroom; periodic inclusion on our emails. All you need to provide is a great product that reflects your brand alongside the creativity and originality of our showroom community. In our showroom, all sales are final. 


If your sales for a period of time are not large enough to cover your rent, or should Urban Cabana feel it is necessary for the overall good of the showroom, Urban Cabana reserves the right to discontinue the agreement with notice. 

What to sell. 

Successful vendors often offer a mixture of types, sizes, and costs of items including: • Gifts • Home Decor • Fashion • Furniture • Candles • Jewelry • Children’s Items • New Games • Toys • Original Artworks • Patio & Garden • Outdoor Items • Signs • Soaps • Seasonal Items

What not to sell.

Used anything. Period. With the exception of verified vintage items. We also do not accept vulgar or adult items.


The building is secured by the owner; additionally, we have multiple perspective cameras in place. 

Our VIP vendors. 

Our VIP vendor program also includes marketing to our high-net worth clients as well as creator studio opportunities.