New and Fresh Paint Colors for Spring 2023

A fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and most affordable ways to instantly breathe new life into your space. It not only re-invigorates your senses and ensures your home feels up to date, but it covers up those inevitable blemishes and lends a crisp, refined finish. As you decide what color to dip that roller in for your home refresh, consider some of emerging the paint color trends for this spring.

“A few hues are poised to reign supreme this season that are exuding with timeless elegance,” says Kara Childress, an interior designer based in Houston, Texas. “We can expect to see a combination of earthy olives, deep blues, warm whites, and light neutrals, which flawlessly marry function and style to create spaces that are both captivating and inviting.”

Ashley Banbury, an interior designer and color marketing manager for Krylon and Dutch Boy, agrees. She adds that we’re also seeing paint used in creative ways throughout our living spaces to blend the beauty of nature with personal expression.

“Layering warmth, as well as soothing, nourishing colors and textures around the home can help people feel calm, connected, and renewed within their space,” she says. “Designs that mimic the outside world and deliver biophilic benefits are rising in popularity.”

Warm Taupe 

sherwin-williams taupe paint


For years, gray was a default paint color choice, but it’s slowly fading out of favor to make way for warm, taupe-y shades, such as Sherwin Williams Taupe Tone. “We aren’t all the way to brown, but definitely into the taupes, beiges, and creams,” says Samantha Sadowy of Est Est Interior Design. “This is the perfect color for someone who wants to stay neutral and subtle while still giving their home a bit of an update.”

She says the color works virtually anywhere in your home, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms. To really give it a modern look, pair taupe with black and cream furniture, accessories, or drapery. 

Warm White 

farrow and ball paint


If you’re not quite ready to go into the brown-leaning territory, opt for a warm white hue instead. Farrow & Ball’s Blanc de Treillage is a perfect example of this. “Warm whites and tinted neutrals are on the rise once again,” says Childress. “Their inviting and snug atmosphere radiates comfort and ease into any space, making them staples for this season.” She notes that warmer tones like these provide the ideal backdrop for vibrant gallery walls and delicate floral arrangements. 


warm white paint


Another neutral alternative to taupe or warm white is greige, a portmanteau from “gray” and “beige,” which perfectly marries the two hues. This color really started making a headway in 2022 and is poised to become even more popular in 2023 as people transition away from true gray and into warmer tones. Banbury says she likes this comforting neutral on accent pieces, such as trim, mantels, and built-ins. For the perfect greige, try Benjamin Moore's Strand of Pearls.

Dusty Pink

pressed flower paint sherwin-williams


While bubblegum pink and millennial pink are fading out of favor, that doesn’t mean you have to write off pink altogether. Sadowy says to reach for a rosy pink hue, such as Sherwin Williams Pressed Flower, instead. Muted and dark, it’s a subtler, more sophisticated variation of pink with great impact.

“Pink is a go-to that makes any space feel cheerful, but the challenge is to prevent it from feeling juvenile,” says Sadowy. “Using a muted, deep rose color is a great way to achieve the fun of pink in a sophisticated way. Bedrooms and powder rooms are all great places to use this fun splash of color without feeling like it’s overwhelming the whole house.”


backdrop 36 hours in marrakesh


An orange-leaning soft pink, like Backdrop Home’s 36 Hours in Marrakesh—is another sophisticated alternative to those youthful-feeling pinks that have lost momentum in recent years. They also blend right in with the ‘70s decor trends we’re seeing all over the place right now. Plus, this fresh spin on warm terracotta can add a punch of elegant playfulness and depth to any space. 

Muted Jewel Blue

deep twilight blue paint valspar


As mentioned, biophilic paint colors are trending for spring 2023, and that certainly includes shades of blue. Childress says that soft, jewel-like blue tones—such as Valspar’s Deep Twilight Blue—are a refined way to infuse a sense of tranquility and balance into any interior. “These colors evoke the soothing beauty of nature and offer an enduring allure that is classic and contemporary,” Childress says. 

Deep Forest Green 

hunt club sherwin-williams


While blue tones evoke visions of the sea and sky, shades of green invite us to think of thick forests and organic plant life. Sadowy says that a deep and vivid forest green, like Sherwin Williams Hunt Club, is a top paint pick for spring 2023.

“We’re seeing spaces that are a lot darker and much more dramatic lately,” she says. “Deep hunter green is a classic that provides a richness and sense of luxury to any room without feeling trendy. Look for a green with blue undertones to avoid it feeling too mossy.” This is a great color for an office, parlor, or powder room. Anywhere you're looking to create a sense of decadent indulgence is a good place for this shade. 

Moss Green 

krylon spanish moss


Along with the jewel-y hue of forest green—which has hints of cool blue undertones—Banbury is loving a warmer variation of green for spring 2023 a la moss. In fact, Krylon’s color of the year is Spanish Moss, a subdued, neutral-toned vert that works well with both warm and cool details.

“The ‘power of green’ prevails as it brings a natural feeling inside the home, and Spanish Moss showcases this power and provokes an organic and restorative feel,” says Banbury. “As a new generation looks for inspiration, the timeless shade delivers a renewed look to heritage style in a contemporary way.”

Warm Black  

warm black paint color sherwin-williams


You’ve probably gleaned that taking a more subdued, warmer take on stark colors is an overarching paint color trend for spring. Gone are crisp whites and true grays, and instead we’re seeing more muted, softer variations. Warm black, a la Sherwin Williams’ Black Magic, lines right up with this trend.

“Black is the perfect backdrop to make colors pop and you can lighten the space by using creams and whites in the furniture and drapery,” says Sadowy. “The key to keeping a black room cozy is to find a black with a bit of warmth in it rather than a deep, blue-black.” She loves this pop of drama in home theaters, bedrooms, and powder rooms.

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