Create a Warm Welcome With Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Your front porch is often the first place you welcome guests—or just hang with your neighbors on a balmy summer night. But when you have a small front porch, you need to be a little creative to squeeze in space for relaxing, plus a few fun decor additions.

Try these small front porch decorating ideas to make the most of every little square inch.

Choose Your Porch Furniture Wisely

Even with a small front porch, you can probably offer a place to sit, whether it's a cozy bench or loveseat or a couple of chairs for hanging out.

Keep it smaller scale

You don't want to fill every square inch with your furnishings, so look for smaller-scale options. HGTV designer Breegan Janes, who works with TJ Maxx and Marshalls, recommends thinking small. "Bistro sets are a great way to lean into the intimate setting of a small space; they create such a cozy, café-like feel for your guests."

Look for easy-to-move porch furniture

Think portable, foldable, or multipurpose when it comes to small front porch furniture. "Poufs add some texture to a space and are easy to bring in and out if you need extra seating," Janes says. "Functional furniture like a folding serving cart is easy to bring in and out when you have guests."

Think light and airy materials

Using open-weave rattan or other airy materials can make your furniture feel a lot less substantial (and that's a good thing). "Woven furniture creates a really open, airy setting without feeling cluttered," Janes says.

Add the Right Front Porch Accessories

To really enhance a small front porch, accessories will be key. "My biggest piece of advice is to not let a small space hold you back," Janes says. "You can always let your personality shine."

Don't be afraid to go bold with your accessories

You may think that you need to keep it simple when you're coming up with small front porch decorating ideas—but don't be afraid to add personality with your accessories. "When it comes to decorating any outdoor space, my motto has been all about maximalism," Janes says. "You can accessorize your furniture with bold, eye-catching accent pieces."

Think vertically

Planters can take up precious floor space on your small front porch—or you can get creative to preserve room for porch seating and other furnishings. "Both hanging planters and wall planters are the perfect way to save space while adding some greenery to your porch," Janes says.

Change it up for the seasons

You don't have to stick with the same decor from spring to fall. Change out your throws, planters, and other decor—go with a lighter throw and a planter of tulips in the spring, a stylish stack of pumpkins, and cozy candles in the fall.

Go beyond the planters

When you're decorating a small front porch, don't be afraid to bring elements of indoor decor outdoors. "Try adding cozy accent pieces like string lights, throw pillows, or small rugs to make your space inviting," Janes says.

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