Can I Afford an Interior Designer? Yup, here are 8 ways.

It is a misconception that hiring an interior designer is so expensive that only the wealthy can afford one. While an extensive remodel of your home could require the financial means to embark down this road, updating your living space does not have to cost a fortune.

You will have to pay for the services of a good interior designer. However, you might be surprised at how much that can save you along the way. Remember, most interior designers have contacts and connections to get you discounts on flooring, furnishings, and remodeling services. They also oversee your remodeling and design project so that you do not have to worry about it yourself.

You have spent months pouring over architectural and design magazines and watched countless television shows. The book of design ideas you have is overflowing with photos of what you like. Unfortunately, you do not know how to choose what will look best in your living spaces. Consequently, you have no idea how to make your dreams come to life.

Great interior design does not have to cost a fortune. You can start by asking friends for recommendations. You can also interview a number of interior designers, look at their portfolios of work, and discuss budget constraints as a starting point.

8 Ways to Afford an Interior Designer

1. Determine your budget for the project and stick to it. Present this information to the interior designer upfront and ask what she or he can do for that price.

2. Be realistic with your expectations. Yes, you may love the look of hardwood floors, but if that will eat up your entire budget, an interior designer may offer other suggestions that look as nice but for less money. Do some research in advance so that you do not feel blindsided by costs during your meeting.

3. Prioritize what you really need in the space. Consider the basic necessities luxury items. That custom sofa might be nice, but an interior designer may be able to find you a similar looking piece of furniture at a much lower price. Mixing higher and lower end items can give you the look you want for less money.

4. Stop thinking that you cannot afford great interior design services. Many design firms offer different options in levels of service, including anything from full management to consultations by the hour. Unless you have exhausted all avenues, you will not know this until you try.

5. Consider doing your project in phases. Although the dream of redoing your entire home all at once is appealing, focusing on one area at a time may make the whole project more affordable. What room is at the top of your list first? Tackle that project before the others.

6. Even if you cannot get the affordable interior design service that you want right now, it may not be that far off. How much more money do you need to save? Most important is to create a workable plan for how you will accomplish that goal.

7. A good place to start with your new design plan is to consider what needs to go or will stay. Look around your house and see what unused items you can sell online or donate. “Letting go” is a great stimulus for change, and it can also open you up to new possibilities.

8. Ask your interior design candidates if there are any areas where you can do it yourself to save money, such as painting or cabinet installation if you are extremely handy. Having a design consultation, one on one with a designer can help start you on the right path.

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